MA 241 and MA 242 Beginning of Semester Announcements



  • There are no formal labs associated with the Maple Homework in MA 241 and/or MA 242. Maple Homework assignments will be announced by your lecture instructor. All information about the Maple program, including Maple Homework assignments, lessons, etc can be found on the Calculus with Maple Homepage


  • Students in MA 241 and MA242 are required to complete and submit Homework0 along with Homework1. Homework0 introduces students to the common mistakes made in Maple worksheets. Both assignments are due on the same day.

  • Students now use eGrader's software feature "mini_submit" to obtain instant grading of their Maple homework. Students are provided the following information about the grading of their Maple Homework. " The highest score you receive on your submissions at mini_submit for a particular assignment will be your grade for that assignment. Please visit the link Using mini_submit to learn how to use mini_submit. When a worksheet is submitted to mini_submit, eGrader grades the paper and returns to the student a score on each problem, together with a set of "Comments" detailing which parts of each problem are marked as incorrect."

  • Maple tutors will be available each week in the MultiMedia Center in 2103/2105 SAS Hall. Please see the schedule for hours of operation at the URL


  • Students taking Calculus at NCSU this year will have the opportunity to order a copy of Maple 2015 from the web for a price of $75.00. See the details on the Calculus with Maple Homepage. This is a substantial savings over the price of $129.00 in the bookstore. Students should know that Maple 18 and/or Maple 2015 is/are available on all campus computers connected to the campus Unity network. Whether or not to purchase a copy of Maple for a personal computer is totally up to the student. To purchase a copy of Maple see the Announcements page.